How to Choose Carpet and How to Maintain its Good Condition

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Many want to buy Carpets because of several reasons; it could be that they want to increase comfort to their feet, add decoration, hiding imperfections of their floors, or they want to increase safety for their infants. If you are planning to buy one for whatever reasons you have, the important thing is to buy the right one.

After buying your magnificent carpet, it is also important to take care of it and preserve its good condition. Here, I will share with you how to choose a carpet and how to maintain its good condition.


How to Choose Carpet

The Carpet Fiber of your Choice

There are many kinds of Carpets out there, and you have to determine the one that you like the best. To do this, you have to do your homework by going out to different stores and comparing all of the available items. The first thing you have to look for is the carpet fiber, here are some types of it:

  • Nylon – Nylon is the most durable, resilient and the easiest to maintain of all the fiber. The nylon is a good choice if you have kids and pets, and it usually lasts for about a decade; this is also one of the most expensive.
  • Polyester – Polyester fiber is stain-resistant, it is also arguably the softest and provides the best comfort for your feet. But if polyester gets dirty, it is one of the most difficult to clean; it is advisable that it will be placed in bedrooms.
  • Olefin – The Olefin Fiber is the inexpensive choice for a carpet. It is strongand also quite dirt resistant, but not as resilient as the nylon and as resistant as the Polyester; it is just like the middle choice for a carpet fiber.

Check the Quality

The salesperson will try to persuade you to buy a carpet even though it is not as good as it is. Don’t rely on his word alone; you have to check things for yourself. Here are some of the characteristics of a good carpet.

  • Face weight of about 34 to 40oz.
  • Five tuft twists or higher
  • Score of 2,000 in density rating or more
  • At least ten years of warranty on its texture retention

How to Maintain Carpets

There are several simple and easy tricks to maintain the good quality of your carpets. It is an excellent choice to hire professionals like carpet cleaning Fort Worth, but if you prefer to do it on your own, you can. Here are some of them:

  • Buy a Doormat – Investing a couple more money for a doormat can do wonders for the longevity of your carpet. Doormats filter dirt and sand before it gets to your carpet.
  • Vacuum Daily – Every day you add dirt to your carpet, so it is also reasonable to vacuum daily. Without dirt and sand settling on the fibers of your carpet, there is a good chance that it will last longer.
  • Immediately Clean Spills – Spills may be absorbed by your carpet, and it will damage it.So if there is a spill, quickly clean and dry it before it is absorbed.
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